Boosting Conditions And Pay For Security Workers

20 October 2022

The Andrews Labor Government is championing fair conditions for low paid and insecure workers, negotiating improvements for security workers who play a vital role keeping the public safe.

The Labor Government has modernised its central security contract so workers at government sites will enjoy better working conditions, more opportunities and be paid above the industry award.

The updated contract improves working conditions by including tighter controls on subcontracting arrangements, comprehensive training, employment security and job rotation. It also ensures that subcontracted workers are paid at the same rate as employees of security companies.

Taking effect from 1 February 2023, the change will also require five of Australia’s largest security companies to pay security workers engaged under the State Purchase Contract six per cent above the Security Services Industry Award 2020.

The Government is one of the biggest employers of security workers in Victoria and the initiative provides a positive example to other employers to pay a fair wage and lift standards across the security industry.

Under the State Purchase Contract, security officers are employed at the National Gallery of Victoria, public housing estates and government buildings. The contracted workers provide critical services including incident response, site patrols, response to alarms and entry control.

Five companies provide services through the Security Services State Purchase Contract: G4S Custodial Services, MSS Security, National Protective Services, Securecorp and Wilson Security.

Quotes attributable to Assistant Treasurer Danny Pearson

“Providing fair pay and conditions to low-paid, insecure workers is the right thing to do and we’re proud to have reached this agreement with the contracted companies.”

“The security officers working at government sites and public housing estates perform a valuable duty and deserve to receive rates of pay that reflect the important work they do.”

Quote attributable to United Workers Union Property Services Coordinator Damien Davie

“We welcome this move from the Andrews Labor Government – it demonstrates they’ve heard the voices of security guards in their calls for liveable wages and respect. This sets a new benchmark for pay and conditions in the security industry.”

Quotes attributable to MSS Security Managing Director Geoff Alcock

“As a long-standing supplier of security personnel at Victorian public housing estates and other Victorian Government sites, MSS Security welcomes these amendments to the contract.”

“The introduction of a mandated above-award wage for our employees is well deserved recognition of the vital roles they perform ensuring the safety and wellbeing of public housing tenants, staff and visitors.”

Reviewed 20 October 2022

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