Better Outcomes For More Students With Tutor Program

11 May 2023

The Andrews Labor Government is delivering better learning outcomes for kids across the state, with the Tutor Learning Initiative backing students with the support they need to get the great results they deserve.

Minister for Education Natalie Hutchins today announced the major milestone, with schools across the state providing more than 435,000 opportunities for students to participate in intensive small group learning at school.

Launched in 2021 to manage the challenges of the pandemic, the Tutor Learning Initiative supported more than 185,000 students with over 8,000 tutors in that year alone, while in 2022, almost 160,000 students were supported by more than 7,000 tutors.

These figures are inclusive of more than 88,000 students in low-fee non-government schools who have been able to receive targeted small group learning support in 2021 and 2022.

This year has already seen more than 90,000 students supported by more than 4,200 tutors, ensuring more kids have the hands-on guidance and support they need to go further in school.

The initiative provides government and low-fee non-government schools with funding to employ tutors to deliver targeted small group learning support to students who need it most, with some students provided tutoring support in each year, reflecting their level of need.

Tutors continue to have a strong and positive impact in schools, with an independent evaluation finding 88 per cent of primary school principals and 75 per cent of secondary school principals surveyed reporting improvements in students’ achievements attributed to the tutors.

Schools are responsible for employing their tutors based on the needs of their students, with tutors offering a range of expertise, experience and support to students with often complex and varying needs.

Individual schools determine how tutoring support is implemented, ensuring the program is tailored to the needs of each student, ensuring all students build key skills in numeracy and literacy.

So far more than $738 million has been invested in the initiative which calls on pre-service teachers, teachers on leave and retired teachers to sign up and get back in the classroom.

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Quotes attributable to Minister for Education Natalie Hutchins

"An extra helping hand delivers great outcomes for students and helps them stay engaged with their education, that’s why we’ve provided tutors in schools across the state to deliver better support for kids that need it most.”

“While tutors provide a wide range of expertise and experience to schools across the state, the initiative has also supported pre-service teachers to get the experience they need and provided increased flexibility for women to get back in the classroom.”

Reviewed 11 May 2023

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