Alcoa’s Anglesea Power Station And Mine Closes

Alcoa has been a big part of the Anglesea community for almost 50 years and their departure will be strongly felt.

Leading up to the site’s closure, workers and their families have been front of mind and will continue to be  during this time of transition.

Ongoing support will remain in place for the company’s former employees through the Government’s Geelong Workforce Development Centre at The Gordon Institute of TAFE along with extended access to government-subsidised training to help employees retrain.

Local businesses may also be eligible to access payments of up to $2,000 to employ former Alcoa workers through the Government’s Back to Work Scheme.

There are number of different elements to the rehabilitation of the site including the mine and the power station along with a landfill and a number of onsite ponds. Alcoa will remain at the site post closure and will be responsible for the rehabilitation of the site.

Alcoa will develop a final closure plan for the mine in line with its current approved rehabilitation plan that takes into account the features of the mine, the landscape the mine sits within and the needs of community and government.

EPA Victoria will regulate the decommissioning and remediation of the power station, landfills and any ongoing water discharges from the mine.

The Government will work closely with the company to ensure all regulatory requirements are met.