Our Priorities

Getting on with it.

Victorians gave me and my colleagues a precious gift: the chance to make a real difference in the lives of Victorian families. And we haven’t wasted a single minute.

We promised to fix schools and hospitals, invest in public transport and create more jobs – and we’re getting on with it. Because we’re a Government that puts people first.


Daniel Andrews
Premier of Victoria


Victorians deserve the best care in the world – in a health system they can rely on, and in a health system that values nurses and the contribution they make in our lives.

We’re expanding and building hospitals right across Victoria so our loved ones can get the care they need closer to home, whenever they need it. It’s about peace of mind.


Victoria is recovering from a jobs crisis. Workers and businesses across the state deserve a Government that’s prepared to fight for their jobs and believe in their future.

We’re getting Victoria back to work. By investing in fast-growing industries like new energy, food and fibre and education – and working with business – we will create 100,000 new jobs.


We’re investing $5 billion to make Victoria the Education State, so every community has access to great local schools and every child gets the chance to succeed.

Our schools are good, but we must make them great. From our youngest minds in kinder, to workers wanting to retrain at TAFE, everyone deserves to reach their potential through the power of education.


Our state is growing faster than any other. That’s why we have a plan to transform our public transport system, reduce congestion on our roads and improve safety for everyone.

We’re removing our 50 worst level crossings and we’re building Melbourne Metro – the most important public transport project in the nation. We’re also fixing the congested local roads that people use every day.