Jobs for Victoria

Victoria’s economy is thriving.

We have the fastest growing population and since coming to office, 150,000 jobs have been created.

New businesses are prospering and innovation is booming.

And we’re home to strong consumer confidence.

We can, and should, be optimistic about our future. But if we are to continue this success, then we need to reflect on the path ahead.

We need to make sure we capitalise on our advantages. That we are growing the industries of the future.  And that our economy is delivering for everyone. 

That means the time for a hands-off approach is over.

In short: we must be willing to roll up our sleeves.

Through our investment in infrastructure, in skills and jobs, we’ve begun that work.

But in the coming months and years, we’ll have even more to do. And when it comes to the prosperity of our state, we won’t take our foot off the pedal.