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271 new jobs to be created with grants for 53 Victorian manufacturers and networks

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Minister for Manufacturing David Hodgett today announced support for 53 manufacturing companies and networks, with over $10.5 million in grants to boost productivity, create jobs and expand export trade.

Mr Hodgett said that $6.1 million in grants were announced under the Coalition Government's Investing in Manufacturing Technology (IMT) program along with $2.1 million in grants under the Manufacturing Productivity Networks (MPN) program, further demonstrating the Napthine Government's ongoing commitment to Victoria's manufacturing businesses and industry.

"The Coalition Government has outlined a clear vision for job creation in Victoria, and programs such as these which support local manufacturers right around the state are an important component of our Jobs in the 21st Century plan to create 200,000 new jobs over the next four years," Mr Hodgett said.

"The IMT and MPN grants will create 140 new jobs and transition a further 224 employees to higher value roles, but the real boost to these businesses is in enabling them to increase productivity and become more competitive in what is a tough environment in the manufacturing sector.

"Additionally, a further $2.3 million in grants were offered to Victorian manufacturers yesterday. These grants will create an additional 131 new jobs and transition 32 jobs to higher value roles.

"Since we launched these programs in 2012, we have invested over $27.5 million to help Victorian manufacturing businesses improve their capabilities, productivity, jobs and exports under the IMT and MPN programs."

Mr Hodgett said that with today's announcement, the IMT program has granted $20.2 million supporting 114 companies to date and stimulated a total of $94.8 million in investment in new technologies.

"This program has created 700 new jobs, transitioned another 730 jobs to higher-value roles and the companies we have supported under our IMT program expect to generate a combined $119 million in new exports," Mr Hodgett said.

"Our MPN program has awarded $7.3 million to 42 manufacturing networks to support them in establishing collaborative initiatives, assisting over 1,120 companies since it was launched.

"Building on these grant programs to advance manufacturing, the Coalition Government has announced the $33 billion Jobs in the 21st Century initiative. This includes the $30 million Manufacturing, Innovation and Technology Fund which will help businesses meet the cost of sourcing professional expertise in research, design, engineering and technology."

Mr Hodgett announced $2.1 million in grants under the MPN program to support collaborative initiatives for seven networks, assisting 155 manufacturing businesses across regional and metropolitan Victoria, including:

  • $591,565 to the Module Manufacturing and Construction Network to deliver the $1.189 million Best Practice and Integrated Solutions for Module Manufacturing and Construction Project. Monash University will deliver the project, which will develop regulation and integrated solutions for modular construction to improve the quality and productivity of Victorian SME module manufacturers' processes.
  • $295,000 to the Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers (FAPM) to fund the FAPM Solar Automotive Windows Project, which will develop a solar windscreen that will generate solar electricity to power components of hybrid and electric cars.

The IMT grants, which were announced for 33 companies totaling $6.1 million included:

  • $250,000 to Dandenong South company ABNote Australasia Pty Ltd to fund their digital inkjet project. The grant will improve productivity and transition six jobs to higher value roles.
  • $250,000 to road transport equipment manufacturer, MaxiTRANS towards a $1.2 million investment in its Ballarat manufacturing base to purchase a dual bed laser machine to improve efficiency, output and design capabilities. The investment will create five new jobs and transition another two jobs to higher value roles.
  • $245,700 to grower-owned Goulburn Valley cooperative, Integrity Fruit Pty Ltd in Ardmona to assist with a $982,000 upgrade of its fruit sorting and packing processes. The project will create 10 new jobs, transition 20 jobs to higher value roles and is anticipated to increase export sales by $2 million.

These initiatives build on Victorian Jobs in the 21st Century, which commits $274 million to grow Victorian manufacturing, particularly in the high-end and knowledge-intensive sectors such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, food production, nanotechnology and robotics.

The plan will create 200,000 new jobs, 60,000 new apprenticeships and 850,000 new training places.

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