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Early works to start on Frankston line’s Southland station

Wednesday, 23 April 2014
Construction works will soon begin on a new $21 million Southland Station with Premier Denis Napthine and Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder today announcing that the Victorian Coalition Government has reached an agreement with the owners of Southland Shopping Centre regarding access to the site. 
Dr Napthine said the agreement would enable to the Government to begin early works with the station set to be complete in 2016.
“This new station will cater for growth in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs and greatly improve access to this major shopping centre,” Dr Napthine said.
“The idea to build Southland Station has been around since the shopping centre opening in 1968 and I am pleased that our Government has the economic credentials and commitment to turn this idea into a reality. 
“When complete, this station will become the fourth busiest on the Frankston line with 4,400 passengers expected to utilise this new service every day.
“With $100 million already committed to upgrading the Frankston line, this is yet another example of the Coalition Government delivering more services to move more people, more often,” Dr Napthine said.
Passengers will also be able to take advantage of the Coalition Government’s recently announced cheaper public transport initiatives.
Mr Mulder said passengers travelling to Southland from Zone 2 will continue to pay lower Zone 2 fares, but commuters to or from Zone 1 will pay no more than a Zone 1 fare from 1 January 2015.
“The new station will also ease congestion at neighbouring stations and make using public transport, to reach Southland’s shops, easier and more accessible,” Mr Mulder said.
“Early works will provide valuable site-specific information for the station design, which is expected to include extensive lighting, closed circuit camera security surveillance (CCTV) and facilities for Protective Services Officers.
 “The station will also be fully accessible with ramps and access to both platforms via a pedestrian underpass. 
“The community will soon notice activity as the project team moves in to carry out site investigations, which will inform the new station’s design.
“The Coalition Government looks forward to continuing to work with Westfield and AMP Capital through the design, investigation and construction process leading to the opening of the new station. 
“We appreciate the co-operation of the shopping centre owners and are keen to minimise the effect on shoppers during construction,” Mr Mulder said.
Public Transport Victoria will work with the City of Kingston, Bayside City Council, the community and local residents throughout all stages of the project.
“This project is an excellent example of the state government working together with local government and the private sector to work towards a world-class transport network for Melbourne,” Mr Mulder said. 
Member for Sandringham Murray Thompson said that Southland station would be welcomed by staff at the shopping centre and local residents alike.
“It will be easy to step off the train and within a few minutes be shopping or enjoying Southland's food court,” Mr Thompson said.
Following early works, major construction is expected to commence in 2015. 
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