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Making a proposal for Victoria’s nature-based tourism

Thursday, 31 October 2013
To ensure more Victorians and visitors can enjoy our world-class national parks, the Victorian Coalition Government today released the Making a Proposal package to guide submissions for sustainable nature-based tourism opportunities.
The Making a Proposal package lays out clear steps required to make a submission for sensible and sensitive private sector tourism investment.
Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith said that the package will guide interested parties through the process of application whilst safeguarding environmental values. 
“The Making a Proposal package provides prospective parties with details of the environmental protections approval process that is required for future nature-based tourism projects,” Mr Smith said. 
“We welcome proposals that complement the values of national parks, broaden the appeal of our great natural assets and allow more people to experience these unique places.
“All proposals for tourism investment in national parks require comprehensive assessments to ensure they are compatible with park values. 
“Proposals will be considered carefully on a case by case basis to ensure they are consistent with the legislation and principles outlined in the Guidelines for Tourism Investment.
“All proposals will go through a comprehensive approvals process, including a public consultation phase so that we strike the right balance between nature-based tourism and environmental protection.
“The Coalition Government is committed to ensuring that Victoria’s national parks are more accessible to more people.
“We place great value on our natural environment and we are working to ensure that all Victorians can enjoy it.”
To view Making a Proposal package visit www.depi.vic.gov.au/tourism 
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