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Highlighting Melbourne to the Remote Controlled Tourist

Wednesday, 09 October 2013
It’s here, it’s a first in Australia and it’s being hailed as a great new concept to attract visitors to Victoria.
It’s called Melbourne Remote Control Tourist and it was launched by Minister for Tourism and Major Events Louise Asher today.
“The Melbourne Remote Control Tourist, which runs for the next five days, is designed to engage with consumers by providing an opportunity to explore the depths of Melbourne’s experiences before they visit, live and in real-time,” Ms Asher said. 
“It offers visitors the ability to ‘go before you go’, whereby they can direct real people in Melbourne (the Remote Control Tourists) to be their eyes and ears in the city.” 
Ms Asher said it is pleasing that this campaign continues to push the creative boundaries in an increasingly cluttered tourism marketing environment, to assert Melbourne’ s credentials as Australia’s most creative and cutting-edge city.
The campaign will also use advertising and promotion to generate ongoing engagement with video content and stimulate repeat website visits after the initial five day live period. 
Prizes, including trips to Melbourne, will be offered to consumers who find ‘hidden icons’ throughout the video content. The Play Melbourne television advertisement would continue to underpin the campaign in key interstate markets.
Underpinning the campaign is helmet-mounted camera technology, an interactive website and the power of social media.  
Visitors will be able to see and hear live video and audio feeds via the website and can instruct the Remote Control Tourists on what to explore via Twitter and Facebook.  
The Remote Control Tourists will be constantly interacting and commentating on what they’re seeing and doing, engaging audiences through highly interesting live online content.
“This campaign is designed to engage with interstate visitors, but due to its highly creative format, we believe it has the potential to generate a global audience, eager to access the hidden aspects of Melbourne” Ms Asher said.
“I am delighted that Tourism Victoria continues its two decade history of the innovative Jigsaw campaign work and is the first tourism agency anywhere in the world to bring this idea to life.  The campaign is a ground breaking digital initiative that will re-engage and inspire consumers with deeper reasons to visit Melbourne.
“The Play Melbourne campaign delivered very pleasing results in its first year, reaching 3,122,000 interstate travellers with the Play Melbourne television commercial generating over 1 million views on YouTube.”
Tourism contributes $19.1 billion to Victoria’s Gross State Product and employs more than 200,000 people. 
For more information go to www.remotecontroltourist.com, the dedicated online media broadcast site.
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