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Coalition Government funds first step to delivering Monash Children’s Hospital

Tuesday, 03 May 2011
  • Delivering on commitments
  • More transparency and choice for people
  • Planning for the future

The Victorian Coalition Government will invest $8.5 million in the 2011-12 Victorian Budget to support the building of the Monash Children's Hospital as part of its broader $250 million commitment to local families.

The Coalition Government is delivering on election commitments and building a healthier Victoria by boosting its investment in health sector services with more than $2.5 billion in the Budget.

Minister for Health David Davis said the Coalition Government would fund the acquisition of the land required for the hospital and the initial planning stages for the Monash Children's Hospital development.

"This development will provide improved access to children's health services in the south-east suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula," Mr Davis said.

Detailed planning is underway for the new hospital which will improve patients' access to services.

When completed, the proposed Monash Children's Hospital will provide 230 beds, three new operating theatres and a new procedure room.

Mr Davis said the Monash Medical Centre was already the third largest provider of tertiary paediatric services in Australia and its expansion into a major children's hospital was overdue.

"A third of Victoria's children live in the hospital's catchment area, and the substantial increase in population in the south-east suburbs, particularly the Casey-Cardinia corridor, has seen a marked increase in demand for hospital facilities for children," Mr Davis said.

The Coalition Government will fund a major expansion of Victoria's health service capacity by delivering 800 additional beds, 100 of which will be delivered over the next 12 months.

"More beds will provide Victorians with the health and hospital care they deserve by improving the effectiveness of patient flow within hospitals, particularly the movement of patients from emergency departments," Mr Davis said.

In 2011-12, Department of Health expenses will increase by 5.9 per cent, including a 6.7 per cent increase for acute health services, a 4.3 per cent increase for ambulance services and a 4.9 per cent increase to aged and home care.

In addition to the significant boost in output funding, the 2011-12 Budget also provides over $500 million in new asset investment, to build capacity in the health system. Key output and asset initiatives include:

  • $35 million over 12 months for the medical equipment replacement program for hospitals across Victoria;
  • $20 million over 12 months for a hospital infrastructure renewal program;
  • More than 340 new ambulance staff across Melbourne and rural Victoria;
  • $48 million over four years to employ more doctors, nurses, diagnostic and allied health professionals across Victoria to reduce hospital waiting lists;
  • $20 million over four years for a new Outpatient Improvement Fund to assist outpatient clinics in hospitals across Victoria to treat more patients; and
  • $4 million to increase transparency through a newly developed Emergency Department website.

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