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New appointments to the Magistrates Court

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Attorney-General Robert Clark today announced the appointment of Rose Falla and Peter Dunn to the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.

Mr Clark said both Ms Falla and Mr Dunn bring considerable and diverse legal experience to the bench.

“Ms Falla’s expertise has been developed over many years of service to the Victorian justice system, particularly through her roles with the Office of Public Prosecutions and the Department of Justice,” Mr Clark said.

“Ms Falla has worked in the Office of Public Prosecutions for almost ten years in the areas of complex crime and general prosecutions, and as associate to the then Director of Public Prosecutions Paul Coghlan QC.”

“Ms Falla was previously a Legal Officer in the Department of Justice, where she played a leading role in the establishment of Victoria’s first Koori Courts,” Mr Clark said.

“Prior to completing her law degree in 2001, Ms Falla gained extensive and diverse workforce experience including with the Liquor Licensing Commission and as the Executive Officer of the Metropolitan Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee.”

Mr Clark said Mr Dunn had practised as a solicitor for over 20 years in both metropolitan and country Victoria.

“Mr Dunn has operated his own legal practice as a solicitor advocate in Benalla for the past 12 years, handling a diverse range of matters including intervention orders, child protection applications, civil litigation and coronial, family law and criminal proceedings,” Mr Clark said.

“Prior to becoming a solicitor, Mr Dunn was a clerk of the courts from 1975 to 1989. He gained his law degree from Monash University in 1988.”

“I congratulate Ms Falla and Mr Dunn on their appointments and wish them every success in their future contributions to Victoria’s legal system,” Mr Clark said.

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