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Avalon boost for advanced pilot training

Friday, 01 April 2011

Minister for the Aviation Industry Gordon Rich-Phillips today welcomed a decision by Avalon Airport to significantly reduce the minimum fee it charges for aircraft undertaking instrument approach training.

Avalon Airport has announced a reduction in its minimum instrument approach fee (for aircraft which do not land) from $100 plus GST to $40 plus GST to take effect from today. Most training aircraft only incur the minimum fee.

Mr Rich-Phillips said this was a major boost for advanced pilot training in Victoria.

“Avalon operates one of only two or three Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) in Victoria which are available for pilot training. This substantial reduction in fees for using the ILS is a major boost for the advanced pilot training sector,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

Pilots undergoing advanced training often undertake more than 20 practice ILS approaches without landings, before achieving qualification.

“The high cost of accessing ILS equipment for pilot training has been of major concern to training providers and this fee reduction is very welcome. I commend Avalon Airport for taking this initiative,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

Basic and advanced pilot training are important export markets for Victoria, and this decision further enhances Victoria’s competitive advantages in the market.

Justin Giddings, Chief Executive Officer, Avalon Airport said all approach charges at Avalon Airport are based on the Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) of the arriving aircraft. Aircraft less than 4.7 tonnes, which include the vast majority of training aircraft, undertaking a practice ILS approach, without landing, will be $60 better off.

“Avalon Airport is pleased to support the Victorian pilot training sector through this initiative. The reduction in the minimum fee will offer a 60 per cent saving to around 90 per cent of aircraft that perform instrument approach training at Avalon Airport,” Mr Giddings said.

Mr Rich-Phillips said Victoria’s aviation industry contributes more than $600 million annually to the state’s economy, with more than $230 million in exports, and it employs more than 22,000 people.

“The Victorian Government will continue to actively support the growth of the aviation and aerospace industries in both domestic and international markets,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.


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