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Westgate Punt Free Trips on Ride2Work Day

Tuesday, 09 October 2012

The Victorian Coalition Government will be offering free trips on the Westgate Punt for Ride2Work Day on Wednesday 17 October 2012, as one of many incentives to encourage people to ride to work.

Minister for Public Transport and Roads Terry Mulder said that weekday services on the punt were introduced in October 2011 thanks to a $1.4 million Coalition Government investment over four years.

“The Monday to Friday timetable provides a valuable service to Melbourne’s growing number of commuter cyclists and pedestrians,” Mr Mulder said.

“Ride2Work Day is an excellent opportunity to jump on your bike and hop on board the punt for your daily commute.

Ride2Work Day is part of a national program that actively encourages thousands of commuters to cycle to work.

New users can trial the punt for free for one day, and hopefully be inspired to start travelling to work by bike or on foot, and previous users can use the opportunity to kick-start their summer commuting regime.

“It’s a great way to start the working day – you can enjoy being on the water along with the health and environmental benefits of being on a bike,” Mr Mulder said.

  • The Westgate Punt, previously a weekend service, now operates on weekdays thanks to a $1.4 million commitment from Coalition Government.
  • The punt expanded operations from Monday 10 October 2011 to cater for an increase in daily bike commuting.
  • The Westgate Punt links the Bay Trail West bike trail to the Bay Trail and has capacity for 12 passengers with bicycles, per crossing.
  • The punt saves cyclists a road trip of around 13 kilometres. Pedestrians are also welcome.

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