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Site announced for Forest Hill police station

Friday, 14 September 2012

The location of the new 24-hour police station at Forest Hill has been chosen with community consultation to commence in the coming weeks, Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan announced today.

Mr Ryan joined Liberal Member for Forest Hill Neil Angus and representatives of Victoria Police at 469 Springvale Road, Vermont South to confirm that it would be the location of the new police station in the Whitehorse Police Service Area (PSA).

"I am pleased to announce that a centrally-located site has been found for the new Forest Hill police station, in line with the Victorian Coalition Government's commitment to address the concerns of local residents over crime, graffiti and antisocial behaviour," Mr Ryan said.

"Funding of $12 million for the new Forest Hill police station was allocated in the 2011-12 State Budget, as part of the Coalition Government's wider $30 million commitment to build new and upgraded police stations across Victoria.

"Victoria Police will now undertake a detailed planning process in consultation with the City of Whitehorse and interested stakeholders to ensure the new station fits into the existing landscape, maintains open spaces, walkways and bikeways and respects the heritage value of the surrounding area."

Member for Forest Hill Neil Angus said the new police station would provide a real boost to community safety in the local area.

"This is all about delivering a stronger police presence on local streets and in the local community," Mr Angus said.

"The new police station will compliment significant increases in local police numbers as a result of the Coalition Government's record investment in 1

,700 extra frontline police officers by November 2014."Already the region has benefited from additional frontline police resources under the Coalition Government, with 26 extra police officers to be allocated to the Eastern Division Region 1 by June 2013."

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