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Drivers urged to look for bike riders to avoid dooring

Monday, 25 June 2012

Minister for Roads Terry Mulder, has unveiled a new sticker pack to remind drivers and their passengers to check for bike riders around them before opening their car doors.

The stickers, designed by VicRoads, feature a simple but effective message to help reduce the incidents of 'dooring'.

"A big risk for bike riders is having a car door suddenly open in front of them," Mr Mulder said.

"The bike rider may swerve out further into the road or collide with the car door, often with serious consequences.

"On average, as many as 40 cyclists suffer serious injuries as a result of these 'dooring' incidents each year.

"Many cyclists end up with serious injuries after car doors were opened in front of them. We hope raising the awareness of this problem and how easy it can be avoided will significantly reduce this happening. It can be avoided.

"We all need to 'look for bike riders' before opening the car door. It's not difficult, it's just a matter of remembering to look out for bike riders."

In 2010, cyclist James Cross died after falling into the path of a truck, while swerving to avoid a driver opening their car door. One of the recommendations made by the Coroner in November 2011 at the inquest into his death was for VicRoads to develop a communication campaign to educate motorists about the need to check before opening their car door.

This message has already been a key part of the recent six week social media 'Road User or Abuser' campaign which ran earlier this year. VicRoads used this interactive campaign to help refine the design of the sticker and the associated messages.

The 'Look for Bike Riders' pack includes a set of four transparent stickers, a bumper sticker and an information card with messages for drivers and passengers about why they should be aware of the risk to cyclists. The pack outlines the related road rule (Road Rule 269) and includes a link to the VicRoads website for more information.

VicRoads have produced 100,000 of these free sticker packs, which will be available to the public from tomorrow from any VicRoads Customer Service Centre or online from www.vic.gov.au.

Attached: Coalition Government's investment in cycling infrastructure

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