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Historic milestone for Burnet Institute

Saturday, 05 March 2011

Health Minister David Davis has paid tribute to the Burnet Institute for 25 years of groundbreaking health and medical research.

Speaking at its 25th anniversary celebrations today at Government House, Mr Davis said the Burnet Institute had a long and distinguished history in research leading to new treatments and better public health in Australia and around the world.

“Medical and public health research are critical in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases,” Mr Davis said.

“From the early beginnings focussed on infectious diseases at Fairfield Hospital, to the Institute’s current programs in virology, immunology and vaccine development, the Burnet is a world leader in research, seeking solutions to diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, measles, malaria, cancer and many more.”

Mr Davis said the Burnet has also developed a reputation for excellence in public health and international health, implementing its research findings to deliver better health outcomes.

“This commitment to taking its work beyond the walls of the institute is essential to making a real difference to our community, locally and overseas, particularly for those who are disadvantaged,” Mr Davis said.

“I highly commend the Burnet for its vision and dedication over 25 years and look forward to future groundbreaking advances in the treatment of serious diseases.”

Mr Davis said the Coalition Government had a strong commitment to boosting world class medical and clinical research in Victoria and would develop the Alfred Health Precinct into a designated Academic Health Science Centre.

“With a consolidation of innovative research efforts from various sources and its expanded programs in new facilities at the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct, the Burnet Institute is in a stronger position than ever before,” Mr Davis said.

“I am confident that the Burnet is poised for another successful chapter in innovative research.”


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