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Victorian SES personnel to help Queensland in flood emergency response

Saturday, 01 January 2011

Victoria will send an urgent deployment of State Emergency Service personnel to help Queensland respond to and recover from the worsening flood crisis, Premier Ted Baillieu and Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan announced today.

Mr Baillieu said an initial deployment of five VICSES personnel with specialised skills in flood incident management and emergency response would travel to Queensland from regional offices across Victoria.

“I spoke yesterday with Queensland Premier Anna Bligh about the devastating situation in Queensland and offered Victoria’s full support in responding to the disaster,” Mr Baillieu said.

“Victoria’s team of SES personnel will take on roles in the Incident Management Team, assisting Emergency Management Queensland in the areas of Planning, Operations and Logistics.

“Victorians have been blessed with support from other states during emergencies such as bushfires and we will provide Queenslanders with support to help them recover from these unprecedented floods.

“Australia’s strong emergency management coordination means that when major natural disasters occur, support is always available if needed from other jurisdictions, and Victoria’s SES are well-qualified to assist in Queensland’s hour of need.”

Mr Ryan said the VICSES staff being deployed from tomorrow would provide valuable support and assistance to their Queensland counterparts.

“When the Queensland emergency services requested VICSES support, we responded immediately to help them with their operational response,” Mr Ryan said.

“Our emergency services are very experienced and do a great job, most recently in their response to the Victorian floods in September and December of last year.

“VICSES also recently provided invaluable emergency response support to Western Australia in March 2010 and New South Wales in 2009.”

Mr Ryan said the initial deployment would be for up to five days, with more assistance to be provided over coming weeks and months where required.

The staff members will be based at the Queensland Emergency Operations Centre in Kedron and will be part of the state Incident Management Team.

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