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Bayside-Peninsula region public housing waiting list falls

Tuesday, 12 November 2013
Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell today released the September 2013 quarter Victorian public housing waiting list, which has fallen to its lowest level since June 2007.
In the September quarter, the statewide waiting list recorded an overall reduction of 1385 to 34,408 compared with 35,793 in the June quarter. 
There were 1,793 applicants through the Frankston office, a reduction of 93 compared with the June quarter and 338 fewer people overall then there were under Labor’s waiting list in September 2010. 
There were 1,671 applicants through the South Melbourne/Prahran office, a reduction of 96 compared with the June quarter and overall 203 less people then under Labor’s waiting list in September 2010.
There were 1,551 applicants through the Cheltenham office, a reduction of 61 compared with the June quarter and 629 fewer people overall then there were under Labor’s waiting list in September 2010.
Ms Lovell said the statewide public housing waiting list has now fallen for nine of the 12 quarters since the Victorian Coalition Government was elected in November 2010.
“Overall there are now 6,804 fewer people waiting for housing than there were on the waiting list published by the former Labor Government in September 2010,” Ms Lovell said.
Ms Lovell said the main reason for the drop in public housing waiting lists was better management and a dedication to improving the system.
“There is still work to be done, but by reviewing vacancy rates, turnover procedures and by working harder with those who have been waiting the longest, we are seeing real outcomes,” Ms Lovell said.
“We are also making people more aware of their options, with regard to community housing, bond loans for the private rental market, and other assistance.”
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