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Toyota’s new engine plant revs up Victoria’s automotive manufacturing industry

Thursday, 06 December 2012

Today’s official launch of Toyota’s state-of-the-art $330 million Global Engine Line in Altona represents a significant boost for Victoria’s automotive industry and new exports.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu and Minister for Manufacturing, Exports and Trade Richard Dalla-Riva joined Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Federal Minister for Industry and Innovation Greg Combet at Toyota’s new engine plant with Toyota Australia President and CEO, Mr Max Yasuda, Mr Seiichi Sudo, Senior Managing Officer, Toyota Motor Corporation; and His Excellency Mr Yoshitaka Akimoto, Ambassador of Japan.

Mr Baillieu said the engine plant would strengthen Toyota’s future in Victoria and secure the jobs of more than 270 existing employees at the plant.

“Toyota’s new engine plant makes an important contribution to Victorian exports with approximately 15 per cent of all engines produced to be exported to South East Asian countries,” Mr Baillieu said.

“Victoria is at the front of the grid as a global leader of automotive production and exports, and that is good news for jobs at Toyota in Victoria and good news for jobs throughout Victoria’s automotive supply chain businesses.”

Mr Dalla-Riva said Victoria was one of only thirteen places in the world that could take an automobile from concept to production.

“Today Victoria’s automotive manufacturing sector takes another step ahead,” Mr Dalla-Riva said.

“Toyota’s new engine plant will make Australia one of only four countries in the world to manufacture the AR four cylinder engine.

“Additionally, this will be the first Australian car manufacturer to produce both petrol and hybrid engines,” Mr Dalla-Riva said.

The new engine line will enable Toyota to produce more than 100,000 four-cylinder petrol and hybrid engines per year.

The Commonwealth and Victorian Governments have contributed to the development of Toyota’s Global Engine Line in Altona as part of their ongoing support for Toyota.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to strengthening our world class manufacturing industry to secure jobs and grow business investment,” Mr Dalla-Riva said.

Mr Dalla-Riva said the Victorian Coalition Government had put in place a comprehensive manufacturing strategy and extended support to Victorian major automotive manufacturers and businesses throughout the supply chain to secure jobs and investment.

Mr Baillieu said it was nearly 50 years since Toyota began its Victorian manufacturing operations in 1963.

“The relationship is a very strong one, and Toyota’s new engine plant will see this enduring partnership grow into the future,” Mr Baillieu said.

Victoria’s automotive sector employs more than 24,000 people and generates exports worth around $2 billion annually.

The manufacturing sector is Victoria’s largest full time employer, generating in excess of $110 billion in annual economic activity and more than $15.6 billion in annual exports.

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