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Napthine Government will fix problems on Rosanna Road

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Minister for Roads Terry Mulder and Liberal candidate for Ivanhoe Carl Ziebell today announced that a re-elected Napthine Government will invest $275,000 to investigate truck curfews and identify solutions to traffic management issues on Rosanna Road.

"As part of the initiative, VicRoads will form a working group comprised of residents, local businesses and transport operators to identify solutions to traffic management issues on Rosanna Road," Mr Mulder said.

Mr Ziebell said Rosanna Road carries approximately 32,000 vehicles per day, including thousands of heavy vehicles.

"I will work constructively with the community to identify and then implement the best solutions to fix the problems with Rosanna Road," Mr Ziebell said

"East West Link will help reduce congestion and truck traffic on Rosanna Road, but we can, and will do more."

Mr Mulder also said that the Coalition Government is investigating road safety improvements to address intersection, right turn and rear-end crashes on Rosanna Road.

"In the five years to June 2014, there have been 106 recorded crashes on Rosanna Road including rear-end, intersection and right-turn crashes," Mr Mulder said

Mr Ziebell said that he will advocate for whatever is necessary to reduce crash risks and improve road safety in the area.

Road safety improvements being investigated for Rosanna Road include:

  • modifications to turning signals;
  • improving skid resistance;
  • restricting turning movements;
  • aligning intersections;
  • signage and line-marking works; and
  • lighting improvements.

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