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Victorian science education goes 3D

Monday, 27 October 2014

A re-elected Victorian Coalition Government will offer to put a 3D printer in government secondary schools and special schools in an initiative announced today by Premier Denis Napthine and Minister for Manufacturing David Hodgett.

Speaking at a demonstration of a 3D printer at Melbourne Museum, Dr Napthine said the $2.2 million program would deliver 21st century resources to enhance science education in schools.

"The Coalition Government will fund up to $3,750 to purchase single model printers and the associated consumables for up to 316 secondary and P-12 schools, plus 75 special schools with secondary students, across the State if re-elected," Dr Napthine said.

"This program will nurture student creativity and scientific endeavour and help to create the next generation of cutting edge scientists, designers and manufacturers."

Dr Napthine said the election commitment funding will deliver a high quality resource that will encourage students to explore the practical applications of science, technology and design.

"The Coalition Government is focused on preparing today's students for the jobs of tomorrow, and that is why we are investing $31.2 million in science teaching scholarships, training for current teachers and funding for schools to specialise in science, engineering, aeronautics and earth sciences," Dr Napthine said.

"This funding will provide teacher and student training and professional development, and ensure the next generation of Victorians can help develop the future of the manufacturing industry."

The funding for the 3D printers will include support for software, printer materials and teacher training.

This builds on the work already done on 3D Printer training in schools by the Victorian Government funded Quantum Victoria, who have been offering programs to teachers and students on the use of 3D printers for design works since 2013.

The Victorian Coalition Government is delivering a record $9.2 billion for school education in 2014-15, $1 billion more than in Labor's last budget.

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