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Coalition delivers funding boost for hospitals

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The budget bottom lines of Victoria’s public hospitals have increased by an average of 5.1 per cent over last year, Minister for Health David Davis said today.

The Victorian Coalition Government is providing record funding of nearly $15 billion to hospitals and health services during 2014-15, which is $607 million more than the previous year, and $3.6 billion more since coming to office.

Releasing details of the funding allocations for Victoria’s health services, Mr Davis said the Napthine Government was committed to properly funding hospital services.

“Since the Federal Budget was delivered, we have been working with the Commonwealth to determine what the final outcome will be for Victorian health services,” Mr Davis said.

“I have said that Victoria will be fighting for every dollar it is entitled to, and this outcome is pleasing.

“Commonwealth funding allocations involve complex calculations under new arrangements. Victoria’s submission was largely accepted, which means an increase in funding from the Commonwealth.

“This funding growth will significantly offset losses due to the termination of the sub-acute National Partnership Agreement.

“During this period, I have met and communicated with health service board chairs and chief executives regularly to keep them informed.”

Mr Davis said the Opposition should apologise for their scaremongering while the final outcome was being determined.

“Daniel Andrews and Gavin Jennings have been running around the countryside, like Chicken Little, saying the sky was falling in.

“They were wrong, they now have egg on their face and they should apologise for misleading the Victorian community.

“The Napthine Government has worked hard to secure the funding that will ensure hospitals can continue to deliver high-quality health care to Victorian families.

“The funding boost will enable our hospitals to continue treating record numbers of patients,” Mr Davis said.

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