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Portarlington set for a multi-million dollar pier renewal

Wednesday, 04 June 2014

The Portarlington pier is set for major redevelopment with the Minister for Ports David Hodgett today announcing over $3 million in funding to renew the pier by mid-2015.

Mr Hodgett was joined by Candidate for Bellarine Ron Nelson and representatives from the City of Greater Geelong and Parks Victoria at Portarlington today to announce the redevelopment and call for tenders.

“I am pleased to announce that the Victorian Coalition Government will invest over $3 million to provide the immediate renewal that Portarlington pier needs. The project is ready to build and suitable contractors are invited to tender to deliver the works by mid-2015,” Mr Hodgett said.

“The Portarlington pier is vital to the Port Phillip aquaculture industry based on the Bellarine Peninsula – by renewing the pier the Napthine Government is supporting the ongoing strength of this industry well into the future.”

The major infrastructure upgrade will deliver a new 175 metre long 4.5 metre wide pier aligned alongside the existing pier and designed to have a life of 50 years.

The project includes minor works to the existing Portarlington pier to ensure safe access for pedestrians. There will also be an increase to the load limits on the new pier section to improve aquaculture and other marine industry vehicle access.

“The upgrade at the Portarlington pier has been fully scoped and designed by Parks Victoria to find the most cost effective and efficient outcome to allow vehicle access for the aquaculture industry and other users,” Mr Hodgett said.

“The investment in the region by the Coalition Government will secure access for the existing aquaculture berth holders and take an important step towards the development of the precinct.

“The Coalition Government is committed to investing in Victoria’s local ports and today’s announcement adds to the rejuvenation of several local piers including the $15 million reconstruction works underway at Mornington Pier and the recently completed $3 million jetty arm and maintenance works at St Kilda,” Mr Hodgett said.

In addition, the Coalition Government is partnering with the City of Greater Geelong to progress planning for the longer term redevelopment of the pier at Portarlington and surrounding precinct.

“The former Labor Government announced in 2006 that they would build a safe harbour at Portarlington. In 2009, all Labor could release was a master plan. Labor never committed any funding from 2006 onwards to commence any capital works, upgrades or renewal at the Portarlington pier,” Mr Hodgett said.

“In contrast to Labor, who were all talk and no action when in government, this announcement means works will commence at Portarlington with the first stage of the pier renewal works to start this year, and a process is in place to guide the long term development at the precinct.

Deputy Mayor Cr Bruce Harwood welcomed the funding announcement.

“The funding announced today will provide for works to upgrade the pier and keep it in working condition which is essential for Portarlington’s thriving mussel industry. We’ll continue to work closely with State Government on the broader redevelopment of Portarlington pier,” Cr Harwood said.

“A redevelopment will stimulate investment in the commercial aquaculture industry, provide recreational boating facilities and boost tourism for Portarlington and the Bellarine,” Cr Harwood said.

Parks Victoria is now calling for tenders to be lodged by late June. Construction is scheduled to commence this year and be completed by mid-2015.


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